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Latin America Sees Significant Increase of Finished Steel Imports from China

10/3/2013 - Finished steel exports from China to Latin America reached 3.5 million tons in the January to August 2013 period — 27% more than same period of 2012, the Latin American steel association, Alacero, reports.
Latin America accounted for 10% of Chinese global finished steel exports that totaled 36.4 million tons and grew 20% versus January–August 2012.

In August 2013, Latin American imports of finished products from China increased 65% to reach 567,000 tons (vs. 343,000 tons in August 2012). The most important import markets of the region for finished steel from China between January and August 2013 were Brazil (955,000 tons), Peru (472,000 tons), Chile (445,000 tons) and Central America (417,000 tons). These imports represent 65% of the volume that arrived from China to the region.

The countries that increased their finished steel imports from China the most in the first eight monsthf of 2013 versus same period of 2012 were Cuba (91%), Ecuador (+62%), Brazil (+61%) and the Dominican Republic (+52%).

Finished steel refers to steel included in one of the following groups: Long products (reinforcing bars, bars, wire rod, light sections, heavy sections, rails), flat steel (sheets and coils, coated sheets, pre-painted, stainless steel, chrome-plate sheets, hot dip galvanized sheet, etc.) and seamless tubes.