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Metalloinvest's OEMK and LGOK Receive Acknowledgement for Environmental Protection Measures

10/8/2013 - For their contributions to environmental protection, OEMK and Lebedinsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest) received letters of acknowledgement from the Russian Federal Environmental Watch Office and the Duma of the Belgorod region.
The plants’ chief ecologists received recognition for measures implemented in 2013 aimed at decreasing the negative impact of their operations on the environment.
The handing over of the letters took place at “Environment Protection Activities in the Belgorod Region” conference in Belgorod. 135 delegates, including representatives of local companies’ management, regional authorities, public associations and organizations, and educational institutions, took part in the event.
Viktor Scheglov, head of environment protection at OEMK, received the letter of acknowledgment from Alexander Sklyarov, first deputy chairman of the Belgorod region’s Duma, who highlighted the plant’s commitment to protecting the environment. In particular, Alexander Sklyarov mentioned installation of a sewage water cleaning facility, which allowed a substantially decrease in salinity of discharged water and reduced volumes of both water discharge and intake. The plant invested more than RUB 210 million into the integrated system of water pre-treatment and hyperfiltration.
Natalia Cherkaschenko, the head of environment watch and protection at Lebedinsky GOK, received the letter of acknowledgment from Vladimir Mamatov, the head of regional department of the Federal Environmental Watch Office. In his speech, Mr. Mamatov noted the plant’s substantial input into the environmental safety and protection of the region.
Metalloinvest gives priority to environment protection programs. In 2012, the company invested approximately RUB 7 billion into projects aimed at decreasing the negative impact of human activity on the environment. Metalloinvest implements measures to minimize impact both from its day-to-day operations and from large investment projects. As such, in 2013, apart from the upgrade of a water cleaning system, OEMK commissioned a modernized gas purification unit at the electric arc furnace workshop. Metalloinvest’s production facilities investment projects focus on introduction of modern technologies, which also cater to the environment.
Due to the comprehensive efforts directed at minimizing environmental impact of the production activities in the regions of their operations, Metalloinvest plants’ pollution indices are significantly lower than officially permitted norms. In 2012, despite an increase in output, the company reduced total emissions into the atmosphere by 2% compared to 2011 due to the implementation of environment protection measures.