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MMFX Appoints New Regional Sales Manager

10/29/2013 - MMFX Steel Corporation of America has appointed Arthur Sakaev as a new regional sales manager to support the growing demand of its reinforcing steel.
Sakaev will lead activities in the Southwestern U.S., including California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii.
With experience in developing sales territories, Sakaev will be key in the growth of acceptance and use of MMFX uncoated corrosion-resistant and high-strength reinforcing steel products in the Southwestern U.S. His abilities will be an asset to engineers who are looking for solutions to extend the life-cycle of their design projects or lower construction cost through the use of Grade 100 reinforcing steel.
“Arthur will help maintain momentum as engineers continue to implement the MMFX corrosion-resistant and high-strength steel technology,” said Kevin Bates, vice president of sales and marketing for MMFX Steel Corporation of America. “The Southwest has numerous construction settings including corrosive coastal environments and high-rise building where Arthur can present new solutions to solve difficult construction problems.”
With over eight years of sales and engineering experience, Sakaev previously worked for CONTECH Engineered Solutions as a design engineer, regional manager and a technical sales engineer. Prior to working for CONTECH he was a field engineer and designer for EDS, a quality assurance coordinator for Dichtomatik Americas, and a civil engineering field technician for GME Consultants Inc.
Sakaev has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from UFA State Petroleum Technological University.

MMFX Steel Corporation is an operating subsidiary of MMFX Technologies Corporation and is based in Irvine, Calif. MMFX Steel markets and sells MMFX2® branded concrete reinforcing steel derived from its parent company’s micro and nanotechnologies throughout North America. Independent scientific tests have shown MMFX2 to be five times more corrosion-resistant and up to two times stronger than conventional steel. MMFX2 is sold under the specifications ASTM A1035 Grades 100 and 120. Applications include bridges and highway systems, high-rise buildings, sea walls and numerous commercial/industrial applications.