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Oschatz Providing Three Converter Cooling Stacks for Chinese Steel Works

10/14/2013 - Germany-based plant constructor Oschatz was awarded a new contract from Baosteel Group Corp.
For its new steelworks in South China, the Chinese steel producer has ordered three converter cooling stacks from Oschatz. The corresponding converters with a batch weight of 350 tonnes each are currently built in the megacity Zhangjiang, located in the Guangdong province. By building the new works, Baosteel intends to prevent a bottleneck in supply for this highly-developed industrial region. By the end of 2015 the first tonnes of steel shall be produced in the new works.
The engineering of the new cooling plants is currently being carried out by the Oschatz headquarters located in Essen, Germany. Afterwards, the Oschatz production facility in Nanjing, China, will take care of manufacturing. This is a division of work that makes sense, says Dr. Jan-Christopher Schrag, head of sales at Oschatz: “The Chinese market is highly competitive. It’s not always an easy task to stand one’s ground there. But Oschatz is well-positioned: By combining German quality with short routes of transport due to production nearby we are able to sustain our position.”
The new cooling stacks for Zhangjiang will be built in Nanjing as of now and delivered to the customer in autumn 2014. Assembly and commissioning of the first two plants is scheduled for 2015, the third cooling stack will finally be put into operation in mid-2016.

Pictured below: Oschatz cooling stack parts workshop in China.

Pictured below: Oschatz cooling stack assembly

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