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Outokumpu Introduces New High-Chromium Ferritic and Austenitic Grades

10/31/2013 - Outokumpu continues to bring new innovations to market and is now expanding its product range with two new high-chromium stainless steel grades, ferritic grade EN 1.4622 and austenitic grade EN 1.4420.
“We are proud to introduce two major innovations. The ferritic grade Outokumpu 4622 is our first high-chromium grade, while the new austenitic Outokumpu 4420 grade is completely new in the market. Both grades offer tangible benefits to our customers for example in corrosion resistance, strength and formability, and are competitive alternatives in terms of alloying,” says Pekka Erkkilä, chief technology officer at Outokumpu.
The ferritic 4622 grade is Outokumpu’s first high-chromium ferritic grade. It is suitable for demanding applications including façades, elevators, catering or automotive industry. It has similar corrosion resistance but better deep-drawability than the standard 304 grade.
The austenitic 4420 grade is acid-resistant and is suited for example for heavy industries, such as construction, pulp and paper, or structures, piping or water treatment applications. Compared to the 316L, it has improved corrosion resistance and higher strength.
The ferritic steel grade fulfills ASTM UNS S44330 requirements, and work is in progress for EN standardization. For the austenitic high-chromium grade, both ASTM and EN standardization is ongoing. Outokumpu has conducted pilot tests for both grades and they are now available for Outokumpu customers.