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Outokumpu VDM Orders Peeling Line for Forged Products from SMS Meer

10/4/2013 - Outokumpu VDM of Germany has placed an order with SMS Meer to supply a PMH 320 rotary peeling machine including finishing equipment for its plant in Unna.
The peeling line for the new plant section in Unna is an important component and is dedicated to the further processing of forged bars. With this order, Outokumpu VDM is increasing its production capacities for high-quality forged products, in particular for aerospace technology and for the oil and gas market.

Impressive features of the state-of-the-art peeling machine concept from SMS Meer are its high level of productivity and the fact that it replaces several lathes at once. The machine is used for peeling bars with pipe diameters ranging from 90 millimeters to 330 millimeters to finished diameters of between 80 millimeters and 320 millimeters. It can offer a maximum degree of chip removal of up to 20 millimeters. It is capable of peeling bars with lengths of between 2.7 meters and 8 meters. The plant supplied by SMS Meer will be used primarily for the peeling of nickel-based alloys.

The peeling line is configured to allow peeling in a loop, meaning the bars can be pre-peeled and conveyed directly back by the finishing line conveying equipment to enable finish-peeling. A laser measuring system with automatic tool re-adjustment ensures a high level of precision of the rotary peeling machine.

The SMS Meer scope of supply includes all machine components, tools, auxiliary equipment and conveying facilities, as well as erection, commissioning and training of Outokumpu employees. The control visualization system for this operator-friendly plant is also being delivered by SMS Meer.

Commissioning is scheduled for summer 2014.

Peeled bright steel bars after machining