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SunCoke Energy Expects Domestic Coke Production to Exceed 1 Million Tons in Third Quarter

10/7/2013 - SunCoke Energy, Inc. reported that domestic coke production for third quarter 2013 is expected to be 1,081,000 tons, down 16,000 tons from 1,097,000 tons in third quarter 2012.
The year-over-year change primarily reflects 17,000 tons in lower production at the Indiana Harbor cokemaking facility, which is undergoing a significant refurbishment.
Domestic capacity utilization in third quarter 2013 is estimated to be 101%, down 2 percentage points from the same prior year period primarily due to lower production at Indiana Harbor.

SunCoke Energy, Inc. is the largest independent producer of coke in the Americas, with 50 years of experience supplying coke to the integrated steel industry. Our advanced, heat recovery cokemaking process produces high-quality coke for use in steelmaking, captures waste heat for derivative energy resale and meets or exceeds environmental standards. Its U.S. cokemaking facilities are located in Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. Outside the U.S., we have cokemaking operations in Vitoria, Brazil and Odisha, India. Its coal mining operations, which have more than 110 million tons of proven and probable reserves, are located in Virginia and West Virginia.