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Interpipe Niko Tube Orders Groove Dressing Machine from SMS Meer

9/26/2013 - Interpipe Niko Tube from Nikopol, Ukraine, has ordered a three-axis groove dressing machine from SMS Meer for its seamless tube plant in Nikopol. The new machine will improve precision in production and shorten the dressing times and expand the company’s production capacities.
With the KR III 33 CNC groove dressing machine, grooves in the rolls are fully automatically machined. Each operation takes less than 30 minutes. The diameter of the rolls to be dressed is 330 millimeters.

A measuring device automatically records the stand and roll data so changes to the groove forms are easily possible. The customer just has to adjust the machine’s settings.

The groove dressing machine will go into production in the beginning of 2014.

A similar plant will be supplied to Interpipe Niko Tube