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Mechel Completes Construction of Grinding-Mixing Complex

9/25/2013 - Mechel OAO, a Russian mining and metals company, announced completion of the construction project for a grinding-mixing complex to produce cement.
The grinding-mixing complex was built in Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant's industrial zone. The complex is a modern production facility for cement and blast furnace slag cement. Its annual capacity is 1.6 million tonnes. Investment in the project totaled US$174.4 million.
The complex's chief technological advantage is the use of vertical roller mills that enable it to attain a maximum level of disintegration — grinding down to 4500–6000 Blaine fineness, which ensures cement strength and hardening rate. This is the first such production facility in Russia, constructed up to modern European standard.
Startup and commissioning works at the complex's site are currently completed, and guarantee tests of its equipment have begun, using waste from blast-furnace production.
"Constructing this complex on the basis of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant enables us to process there blast-furnace slag, which is the chief raw material for producing high-quality cement. This way Mechel managed to establish a highly profitable complete-cycle production, based on rational use of the plant's by-product — waste from steelmaking. The new complex is equipped with modern, ecologically safe equipment, which ensures extremely low dust emissions — 30 milligrams per cubic meter," Mechel Materials OOO's chief executive officer Nikolai Parkhomchuk noted.
The complex's chief produce, high-quality blast furnace slag cement, is used in constructing above and underground structures subject to aggressive environments, in building hydro power stations, ferrous metallurgy and heavy industry facilities. It is also used in making wall blocks, concrete mixes, construction mortars, dry mixes and etc.

Mechel is an international mining and steel company which employs over 80,000 people. Its products are marketed in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa. Mechel unites producers of coal, iron ore concentrate, steel, rolled products, ferroalloys, heat and electric power. All of its enterprises work in a single production chain, from raw materials to high value-added products.