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Metinvest Subsidizes Summer Vacations for 71,400 Employees and Their Families

9/24/2013 - Ukraine's Metinvest Group spent about UAH 80 million (US$9.77 million) to subsidize summer vacations for 71,400 employees and their families in 2013.
The Group gave employees vouchers that cost them only 30% on average of the actual cost of lodging for adults and 10% of the cost for children. Vouchers for children from needy families were provided at no cost.

Destination options consisted of 57 facilities operated by Metinvest Group, including 35 by Zdravnitsa Plus: resorts on the Black and Azov seas and sanatoriums in Crimea and the Carpathians.

The program was utilized by 24,000 people from Metinvest's facilities in Mariupol (Azovstal and Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol), 2,500 from Yenakiieve Steel, 1,200 from Khartsyzsk Pipe, and 2,800 from Avdiivka Coke. About 12,000 people from Krasnodon Coal stayed at the plant's tourist camps and rest homes, and another approximately 3,000 in recreation centers on the Black and Azov seas.

The beneficiaries included more than 10,000 children who stayed at sea resorts in Ukraine. This year the program included a "Day with Metinvest", which was developed by young metallurgical workers and miners from Metinvest's youth organization. The event featured quests and other games to teach children about jobs at Metinvest's enterprises, their parent’s work and the corporate values of the company their relatives work in.