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Superior Machine to Upgrade Nucor-Yamato's EAF

9/27/2013 - Superior Machine Co. of S.C., Inc. has been awarded the contract for the design, supply and installation of the upgrade of the Nucor-Yamato No. 2 furnace to a single bucket scrap charging practice.
Superior’s Solutions Group will design a new charging practice to allow the furnace to operate on a single charge instead of two charges. The new project will include a new gantry system with regulation columns and guide roller mechanism, lower shell, and scrap bucket and rail car improvements. The project benefits will be lower operating costs and improved shop productivity.

Superior’s Manufacturing Group will fabricate, machine and deliver all required equipment to site.

Superior’s Field Services Group will handle the disassembly of the existing EAF including the roof; gantry superstructure and the furnace shell. They will install the tilt platform modifications; install the new furnace shell, and roof; the gantry superstructure, columns, and ancillary equipment.

The project will be reassembled on site and the installation is scheduled for the spring of 2014.

Superior Machine Company of S.C., Inc. is a privately held company with facilities throughout the U.S. Superior serves the steel and aggregate industries with engineering, fabrication, machining and field services.