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Tenova Introduces A New Era In Its Logistics Management

9/25/2013 - Tenova has formalized a new organizational structure with regard to logistics, centralizing its entire global logistics management in Italy.
Tenova, a Techint Group company, is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products and engineering services for the metals and mining and minerals industries. The company operates in 27 countries on five continents with more than five thousands employees and revenues of approximately € 2 billion.

Like many companies in the same industry, Tenova has historically had small logistics offices locally based under the direct control of the business units around the world.

The global market is becoming more and more competitive and every aspect of the production chain is being pushed to the limit in order to maintain market share. In this scenario, the company has focused its attention on the important role played by logistics, and to the related costs.

To address this need Tenova has decided to centralize both the negotiation of logistics costs, and the strategic coordination of all logistical offices around the world (approximately 30) in Italy.

Raffaele Lodati, head of the Italian logistics for the past three years, is the new Tenova global logistics and category manager. He assumes responsibility for all the Tenova global logistics activities. New logistics managers for the geographic areas of greater strategic interest (Europe, China, India, North America, South America and South Africa) will be appointed soon, with the same task: supervising logistics divided by geographical area with no connection to the various business units and to the various products.

“It's a great honor,” said Lodati, “to have convinced Tenova to take the example of the management of logistics in Italy as a model to be developed in every area of the world. It is also a source of pride that logistics functions are playing a more significant role in every Tenova project.”

The new organizational structure for logistics will also be an excellent opportunity for some Italian logistics operators to "export" their organization and their skills with the ability to open up new markets, in partnership with Tenova.
The new centralized logistics department of Tenova has started to open up dialogue with other logistics divisions within the Techint group (Tenaris, Ternium and Exiros). The main purpose remains the same: to be more cost efficient and competitive by combining experience, expertise, volumes and best practices.

Tenova is part of the Techint Group, a corporation composed of Tenaris, Ternium, Techint E&C, Tenova, Humanitas and Tecpetrol operating worldwide with an aggregate turnover of USD 25 billion and employing over 59,000 people.

Tenova is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products, and services for the iron & steel and mining & mineral industries. With about 5000 people, Tenova operates through more than 30 companies located in 27 countries on 5 continents.