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SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled Provides Update on Nucor-Yamato Single Bucket Charge Work

2/4/2014 - SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled, Inc. provided an update on the work it is doing for Nucor-Yamato Steel's EAFs in Blytheville, Ark.
SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled, Inc. has completed the final design and engineering analysis of the new larger diameter Spray-Cooled™ roof, the new larger diameter and taller Spray-Cooled™ upper furnace shell along with a completely new design Spray-Cooled™ drop-out chamber roof with integral Spray-Cooled duct extension for Nucor-Yamato Steel Co’s single bucket charge furnace upgrade on its No. 1 (East) and No. 2 (West) furnaces in Blytheville, Ark.  The drop-out chamber roof integral duct extension will allow the existing Spray-Cooled furnace roof elbow and all existing Spray-Cooled off gas ducts to be reused without any modifications being required.  
The project deliverables call for two furnace roofs, two sidewalls and two drop-out chamber roofs for each of the furnaces.  The No. 2 furnace equipment is currently in manufacturing with the furnace roofs 60% complete and the sidewalls 75% complete.  Spray tests are scheduled to take place with the customer around the end of February 2014.  The drop-out chamber roofs are also on track for an on time delivery.  SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled will deliver all No. 2 furnace equipment on-time by the end of the second quarter of 2014 with the No. 1 furnace equipment scheduled for an on-time delivery by the end of 2014. 

Serving the global metals and minerals industries, SYSTEMS’ patented Spray-Cooled™ technology provides a safer, greener alternative to conventional pressurized water-cooled, exotic alloy, and refractory equipment for extreme heat load applications. Using non-pressurized, non-evaporative water-cooling, SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled, Inc. offers a complete line of electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle metallurgical furnace (LMF), basic oxygen furnace (BOF), submerged arc furnace, post combustion, and dust evacuation system components. With over 20 years of continuing technological development, and hundreds of successfully operating applications in over 14 different countries, SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment has increased operating efficiency while lowering operating and maintenance costs with a safer, more environmentally friendly approach to heat load management and protection. For more information, visit