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NLMK Begins Trials on PCI-Equipped Blast Furnace

6/16/2017 - NLMK Group has initiated hot tests of a new pulverized coal-injection unit on the No. 6 blast furnace at its Lipetsk plant in Russia, the steelmaker has announced. 

The tests will run into the third quarter, when commercial start-up is scheduled to begin. 

NLMK has been systematically equipping Lipetsk blast furnaces with PCI technology. It’s already installed the equipment the No. 4 and No. 5 furnaces, and is preparing to add it to the facility’s largest furnace, the No. 7.  

“By the end of the year, over 90% of the plant’s blast furnace capacities will be covered by this resource-saving technology,” said NLMK group vice president Konstantin Lagutin in a statement. 

“The new unit will enable a 30% decrease in the consumption of expensive coke in the BF process; and a 50% reduction in the consumption of natural gas. It’s a key Strategy 2017 project aimed at significantly cutting costs and optimizing the use of resources.”