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Fire Damages AK Steel Mill

1/22/2018 - AK Steel Corp. has begun repairing the steel shop at its Middletown, Ohio, mill after molten steel escaped from a ladle and damaged the facility.   

In a statement, AK Steel said a ladle serving the steel shop’s slab caster malfunctioned on Saturday morning and released liquid steel. The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News reported that the release occurred due to a cracked ladle.

More than 60 firefighters were called to the scene, according to the WHIO-TV 7 news station. One reportedly suffered a minor injury, the station said. 

AK Steel said none of its employees were injured. The company said it expects the shop to resume operations within eight to 10 days. 

“During that time, we will utilize production from the meltshops at our Dearborn (Michigan) Works and Butler (Pennsylvania) Works facilities to support our customers’ needs."

The company said that although the accident won’t affect shipments to contract customers, it likely will reduce sales into the commodity carbon steel spot market.