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Primetals Technologies Receives Final OK on German Furnace Improvements

7/10/2018 - German stainless and nickel alloy producer BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH has signed the final acceptance certificate on upgrades to an electric arc furnace, according to the equipment supplier on the project. 

According to Primetals Technologies, the modernization of the furnace, located at  BGH’s Freital plant, entailed work on the furnace rocker and the roof raising and tilting systems. The upgrades are designed to speed up furnace movements and enable the use of longer electrode segments.

“The tapping system that empties the furnace was converted in the second phase of the project, which also saw delivery of a new ladle car, a ladle heating system and an alloying facility for ladle alloying,” Primetals Technologies said in a statement. 

Primetals Technologies was responsible for the engineering and the equipment, and it supervised installation and commissioning.