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SAIL Completes Work on New Blast Furnace

5/14/2018 - Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) last week blew in a new and larger blast furnace at its Rourkela steel plant. 

In a statement, SAIL said the new furnace, the No.1 – Parvati, replaces a 54-year-old unit that had stood on the same foundation.  The old furnace was retired in August 2013. 

The new version of the No. 1 furnace has a larger volume – 1,710 cubic meters as opposed to 1,139 cubic meters – allowing for a twofold increase in annual capacity.  The new furnace is capable of producing 1.015 million metric tons of hot metal annually, SAIL said. 

The furnace is supported by all-new ancillary equipment: twin flat cast houses on a 90 degree orientation; turbo blowers for high top-pressure; an improved hot blast system for higher blast temperature; a coal dust injection system; and a gas cleaning plant and a dust catcher, among other things. 

“Apart from boosting production these features will help reduce the dependence on coal which will, in turn, improve the carbon footprint making the new furnace more environmentally friendly,” SAIL said in a statement.