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U.S. Energy Department Awards US$1.2M Research Grant to AK Steel

10/11/2018 - AK Steel Corp. has won a US$1.2 million federal grant that will support research into new low-density steels that in the future could provide automakers with another option for lightweighting materials.

In a statement, AK Steel it will investigate novel low-density steels in collaboration with the U.S. Energy Department, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Colorado School of Mines’ Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center.

“AK Steel is honored to have been selected by the Department of Energy to participate in this work to drive leading-edge research in new steel technologies,” said AK Steel chief executive Roger K. Newport. “Research into products such as low-density steel alloys continues to showcase the capability of steel to provide innovative solutions for our customers, and the breadth of opportunity for further steel innovations.”

AK Steel said the goal of the three-year project is to design a low-density alloy and conduct laboratory validation and testing. A low-density steel could be an alternative to today’s advanced high-strength steels, the company said.

“These low-density steels are expected to generate energy savings by bringing efficiencies in manufacturing and lifetime savings in automotive structural applications,” the company said in a statement.