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Tenova R&D Programs Aim to Bring Steelmaking Further Into Industry 4.0

9/14/2018 - Tenova has announced that it is participating in three publicly funded research and development initiatives aimed at incorporating Industry 4.0 concepts into steel manufacturing and reducing environmental impacts. 

In a statement, Tenova said the initiatives, dubbed BigData@MA, CyberMan4.0 and ECOSLAG, are intended to help bring about the sustainable smart factory. 

“Tenova has always worked at enhancing plant efficiency, productivity and quality; research and development represents a key focus area for the company. However, the challenges that affect our industry cannot be faced alone anymore: Tenova believes in open innovation to implement the transformation triggered by digitalization and the circular economy,” said Tenova chief executive Andrea Lovato. 

Through two of the projects, Big Data@MA and CyberMan 4.0, Tenova and its project partners will deploy sensors and big data concepts to its roll grinding machines and use what it learns to build a predictive maintenance system. 

The third project, ECOSLAG, is intended to identify and explore ways to recover waste heat from slag and to find commercial uses for that slag. Tenova will focus on granulating electric arc furnace slag on an industrial scale, it said.  

You can find Tenova’s full announcement here.