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ArcelorMittal Reconsiders Hot End Idling at Polish Mill 

7/29/2019 - ArcelorMittal Poland said it will postpone the planned idling of the Krakow plant’s hot end as it re-evaluates its plans. 

The company in May announced that it would temporarily halt primary operations there this fall in light of heightened import pressure, weakening demand and increased carbon costs. 

“We are still confronted with high raw material prices, rising costs of CO2 emission rights and weak safeguarding measures in Europe, which translate [into] a huge increase in third country imports. All this in an environment of a global steelmaking overcapacity of over 400 million metric tons,” the company said.

“Nevertheless, we have decided to postpone the idling of primary operations in Krakow, originally planned for September as we want to reevaluate the whole situation,” it said.

The Reuters news service reported that the decision came after a workers' protest last week.