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Danieli Inks Contracts for Rolling Mill, EAF Packages

7/11/2019 - Two Chinese steel producers have placed separate orders with Danieli for a new rebar mill and a scrap charging technology package. 

Danieli said in a statement that Minyuan Iron & Steel Group in Shandong has signed a contract for a rebar rolling mill capable of producing 12- to 40-mm rebar. Meanwhile, Luzhou Xinyang Iron and Steel in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, has contracted Danieli to install its Zero-Bucket technology on a new two-furnace meltshop. 

Danieli said the Minyuan Iron & Steel mill will include four SHS housingless stands and two four-pass finishing blocks. 

“Through an advanced multi-strand slit-rolling system, rebars from 12 mm to 22 mm will be rolled on two strands at finishing speeds higher than 40 m/second. An on-line water-cooling system will ensure a final product with ultrafine grain structure,” Danieli said. 

At Luzhou Xinyang Iron and Steel, Danieli will outfit the two ultra-high-power furnaces with its Endless Charging System for continuous scrap charging and pre-heating.

“Each furnace will be equipped with a chemical package based on M-One combined carbon and oxygen injectors and a side Palmur lance with dynamic position based on steel level,” Danieli said. 

“More technological packages such dynamic spray for electrodes, energy saving double layer Q-panel, automatic sampling and automatic tapping systems will allow Luzhou Xinyang to have reduced consumption and higher safety,” it added. 

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