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POSCO Establishes New Brand for Its Construction Steels 

11/13/2019 - POSCO on Tuesday unveiled a new brand called INNOVILT to better promote its construction and corrosion-resistant steels as well as other products.  

According to a POSCO announcement, INNOVILT steels will be used in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. 

“We hope that POSCO’s INNOVILT will pave the path toward creating and expanding demands for steel in which both downstream and upstream industries work together to meet that goal,” said Hyun-Chul Kim, who represented South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy during a brand launch event.  

Some of the products under the new INNOVILT brand include interior and exterior materials with durability and design as well as earthquake-resistant materials.

The company said the new brand will be easily identifiable to professional and end users. Customers will also be able to “select premium products as if they were selecting daily household items or home appliances,” it said.  

You can find POSCO’s full announcement here.