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Refractories Maker Aims to Displace Imports of Steel Refining Component 

11/19/2019 - Indian refractories specialist Dalmia-OCL has started up a new production line that will make snorkels, a critical component for RH degassers. 

In a statement, the company said the integrated line is capable of producing 240 sets of snorkels annually, The line was built to support India's domestic steelmakers, it said. 

“"Indian steel makers are moving towards manufacturing high-grade steel, which needs tailored refractory solutions that support high performance and at the same time ensure local availability," said Sameer Nagpal, chief executive for Dalmia Bharat Group’s refractory business. 

“With this development, we aim to give Indian steelmakers access to high-quality snorkel products right here in India which have been previously imported. This will lead to lesser logistics, shorten lead times, reduce environmental impact all while boosting the government's mission to promote manufacturing in India," he said.