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Universal Stainless Celebrates US$10 Million Upgrade

4/9/2019 - Universal Stainless and Alloy Products Inc. has officially unveiled US$10 million worth of improvements to its Dunkirk, N.Y., facility.

The improvements include a new bar turn and burnish line, as well as a new General Electric phased-array nondestructive testing system. The company said other significant interior updates also were made, including installation of high-efficiency LED lighting.

The company said the addition of the specialty equipment from Germany and Japan makes the bar cell one of the most advanced in the United States.

“The installation of modern equipment keeps us ahead of new mills and foreign competitors by allowing us to produce more bar products at a higher quality standard,” said Wendel Crosby, general manager of Universal Stainless’ facilities in Dunkirk and Titusville, Pa. “It will also contribute to making our facility more efficient, with an eye toward increasing profitability and securing jobs in the community,” he said.