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Danieli Lands Contract for Plate Mill Improvements

8/12/2019 - PAO Severstal has awarded a contract to Danieli for upgrades to a plate mill at its Cherepovets works. 

In a statement, Danieli said the goal is to improve surface quality and increase output. To that end, Danieli will install a new hot dividing shear and two new, disc-type cooling beds; upgrade the plate tilter; and place new piling facilities consisting of more than 3,000 tons of new equipment.

“The hot dividing shear is a fully hydraulic device capable of cutting plates with thicknesses up to 50 mm, at temperatures up to 1,000°C,” Danieli said. “The new pair of cooling beds will ensure the requested surface quality of the plates thanks to the disc-type design, which also will allow also a good cooling ratio,” it added. 

The project is set for completion by the spring of 2021.