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Gerdau Signs AMI Automation for EAF Services

8/28/2019 - Gerdau Long Steel North America has signed a technology and service agreement with AMI Automation, giving the steelmaker access to AMI’s SmartFurnace suite of optimization technology and services.

“AMI is providing a comprehensive subscription to its suite of SmartFurnace™ products and services to optimize Gerdau Long Steel’s entire base of electric arc furnaces and ladle metallurgy furnaces. The new approach provides the equipment, the technical know-how, and the continuous remote monitoring and support to ensure the highest efficiency EAF and LMF performance using an INDUSTRY 4.0 digital business approach with aligned outcomes,” the company said in a statement.

Mark Olson, Gerdau’s operations vice president, said the company is moving quickly on incorporating more digital solutions.

“Digital transformation involves much more than just the technology used, but also the underlying business approach that is needed to facilitate the rapid value creation needed in today’s competitive marketplace," he said. "This new agreement embodies all of these components."