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A Heavy Lift: Danieli Delivers Crane Weighing 2,700 Tons to Steel Works

5/15/2019 - With the help of a number of sub-contractors, Danieli has delivered a new 50-ton-capacity grab ship unloader to ArcelorMittal Ghent, the equipment supplier reports.  

Danieli said the 200-foot-tall unloader arrived at the Belgian steel works following a six-day barge voyage from the Port of Bilbao in Spain, where the crane was assembled. 

Moving the crane from land to barge was no small feat – the crane weighs approximately 2,700 tons. Danieli said the crane was rolled on the barge using four rows of self-propelled modular transporters, with 24 axes each.
“This was a very challenging project with different technical, technological, manufacturing, erection and logistic high-level targets that was accomplished thanks to the strong efforts and abilities of the working team: Danieli , ArcelorMittal Ghent, and the sub-contractors: Cemi, URSSA,  and Sarens,” Danieli said in a statement.