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Fives Wins Contract for Polish Reheat Furnace Rebuild

5/14/2019 - Polish steel producer Cognor S.A. has contracted Fives to overhaul a reheat furnace at its steel plant in Krakow, according to an announcement from the supplier. 

Fives said the overhaul is meant to allow the furnace to run at design specifications while reducing fuel consumption and scale formation.  

“The existing furnace, with an initial production capacity of 90 tons/hour, is integrated into a rolling mill producing merchant bar and rebar. Over the past years, the plant experienced difficulties sustainably operating the furnace at the designed production rate. The furnace has also required frequent maintenance and consumed gas excessively,” Fives said.

The company said it will equip the furnace with its AdvanTek® technology, its proprietary combustion system. 

“The AdvanTek® technology fully separates the burner capacity control and the flame length control. It is also the only combustion technology that operates the burners at the optimum capacity at any production rate and operating conditions,” Fives said. 

The site work is to start in March 2020, and the first heats are to occur by the end of June.