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Vale to Increase Dry Processing Capabilities 

5/14/2019 - Brazilian iron ore miner Vale said it will invest the equivalent of US$2.5 billion over the next five years to expand its use of “dry” ore processing. 
In a statement, the company said the goal is to lift its dry production from 60% to 70% by 2023. 

“By not using water in the process, no tailings are generated and, therefore, there is no need for dams,” it said.

The company also said it plans to invest the equivalent of US$390 million in dry stacking technology at its Minas Gerais operation.

"The technique filters and reuses waste water and allows the latter to be stored in piles, thus reducing the use of dams. The goal is to achieve up to 70% of the waste disposed in the coming years, but success depends on the improvement of technology and external issues, such as environmental licenses," it said.  

You can read Vale's full announcement here.