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Danieli Cold Mill Reaches Performance Milestone

5/10/2019 - Turkish steel processor Yildiz Demir Çelik has achieved an annual production rate of more than 1.5 million tons on its new cold mill complex, an amount that exceeds the contracted equipment output, Danieli tells AIST Steel News. 

“The applied innovative technological solutions and process know-how developed by Danieli through continuous in-field experience and continuous R&D improvements, along with the trustful relationship between Danieli and Yıldız Demir Çelik, led to a very successful start-up,” Danieli said.  

The mill, which entered production last year, consists of a continuous pickling line coupled to a 5-stand, 6-high tandem mill; a continuous hot-dip galvanizing line; a batch anneal facility; and a 4-high temper finishing mill.  

Danieli announced the contract award in 2016, helping to mark Yildiz Demir Çelik parent Yildiz Entegre Holding’s entrance into the steel market as a cold strip producer. The company converts black coil bought from other sources. 

“The cold complex is designed to produce high-quality steel products to enter the local and international markets at the highest level, satisfying even the most demanding end users. The product range includes white goods applications, commercial, structural and construction grades, IF, HSS, HSLA, and DP material,” Danieli said. 

Danieli said the coupled pickling line and tandem mill is equipped with superior flatness correction capabilities, which it derives from advanced mechanical equipment and new, accurate and sophisticated models.

The equipment includes its Optimized Shaped Roll technology, which is based on a special roll barrel contour calculated by way of a combined polynomial and trigonometrical function. The result is that the mill can maintain a wide area for shape control while operating at its highest rolling forces. 

The galvanizing line can process strip in widths from 700 mm to 1,300 mm and in thicknesses ranging from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm. It can run at speeds of up to 200 m/minute and can produce 400,000 metric tons annually. 

“Since the beginning of operations, the galvanizing line has been running at the nominal productivity rate, with high quality standards that allowed Yildiz to enter the market at a very high level,” Danieli said .

The annealing facility consists of 12 work bases, six heating furnaces and six cooling bells. It can produce 300,000 metric tons annually. 

The 4-high temper mill, designed to produce 450,000 metric tons annually, can operate at 630 m/minute. 

“The mill is designed with an entry bridle for perfect rolling of thin material, an in-line inspection section to check surface appearance, and an electrostatic oiling machine to serve market requirements,” Danieli said.

The company said a key contributor to a successful outcome was the teamwork between the customer and the supplier. 

“This mutual effort … has delivered successful results with a remarkable tandem mill start-up, which has delivered zero waste from day one and (has been marked) by a daily increase in throughput and quality. We’re looking forward to completing all performance guarantees, with the customer’s full satisfaction.”