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POSCO Aims to Supply Emerging Market for Maritime Sulfur Scrubbers

9/19/2019 - South Korean steel giant POSCO is bringing to market a super alloy stainless steel designed for sulfur scrubbers installed on ocean-going vessels.

In a statement, POSCO said it is looking to tap rising demand for maritime scrubbers as new regulations on sulfur emissions from ships are set to take effect.

“Since last year, Korea’s demand for SOx scrubbers has skyrocketed. Earlier last year, the landscape for scrubber production was quite different – only a handful of overseas companies were producing a limited amount of steels for scrubber production. With no domestic companies providing base materials for the scrubber, Korean companies faced major challenges to meet the increasing demands – high material costs and (lead times as long as eight months),”  the company said.

POSCO said it developed the grade a long time ago, but never commercialized it owing to lack of demand.

POSCO has more details about the product and discusses its market ambitions here.