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Chinese Casters Re-Enter Production Following Improvements

9/3/2019 - China’s TISCO has completed upgrades to two thin-slab casters and has returned the machines to service, reports Danieli, the project contractor.

In a statement, Danieli said it equipped the machines, which it originally supplied in 2012, with its MM-EMB electromagnetic brake technology. The goal was to produce defect-free thin slabs at high speeds.

“This technology not only produces a global braking function but also can flexibly address the specific flow problems of thin-slab casters,” Danieli said in a statement. “It uses five electromagnets to produce a static permanent magnetic field across the mold to generate stabilizing and damping functions, in addition to standard braking.”

The casters achieved speeds of 6 m/minute within five days of being restarted, Danieli said.