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Slag Heaps Can Help Sequester Carbon Dioxide, Researchers Say

9/11/2019 - With a little bit of management, slag heaps could offer steelmakers a convenient and inexpensive way to capture carbon and offset emissions, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Leeds.

While slag can be made to absorb significant amounts of CO2 in lab experiment, the process typically involves high temperature and pressure. However, according to the study, slag, if its formed and piled in a certain way, could be an effective carbon absorbent and passively offset carbon dioxide emissions from the steelmaking process by 10%.

“With carbon credits being used more and more, globally, and with pressure from consumer groups to minimize the carbon footprint of industries, this is a way in which the steelmaking industry can take a positive step forward to cut their emissions,” Andy Bray, an environmental mineralogist at the University of Leeds and a co-author of the study, told Chemical & Engineering News.

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