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SSAB Auto Steel Receives OK from Indian Government

9/10/2019 - SSAB’s line of hot- and cold-rolled Docol® automotive steel has received its Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification, the company reports.

The National Standard Body of India created the BIS certification in 2016 to support local industries in the Indian economy. As part of this move, many advanced high-strength steel grades, including Docol steel products, were subject to new regulations. 

In a statement, SSAB said its facilities at SSAB Borlänge underwent a rigorous audit by BIS inspectors, who tested the composition, quality and consistency of both hot- and cold-rolled grades of Docol steel. The certification applies to the entire range of SSAB’s hot- and cold-rolled Docol grades.

“Docol® is one of the very few advanced high strength steel grades that were awarded the BIS certification in the country. This was critical because it lets our customers know that we are here for the long run," said Subhabrata Mukherjee, SSAB India sales manager. "When it comes to business, if a company does not have the BIS license, the material will not be cleared by the customs at India port. With non-approved material, import duties are also at risk of being raised to higher percentage," he added.