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AIC Contracted for Caster Safety Improvements

4/9/2020 - Automation and robotics specialist Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) has been contracted to upgrade safety systems on a continuous caster in northern Italy. 

AIC said the project on the No. 1 caster at Nucor-Duferdofin’s San Zeno Navigli plant entails a number of digital and physical enhancements. Among them are the installation of a new safety programmable logic controller (PLC); installation of new safety input/outputs to collect safety signals inside the cabinets; gate system modifications; and updates to the human-machine interface

(HMI) supervision system. Those updates will incorporate new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) screens for monitoring the safety conditions of the machines and the status of the gates. 

“AIC will also be involved in the site installation and commissioning phases with a schedule that includes different steps to perform activities with a minimum impact on the production schedule,” the company said.