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New Details Emerge on North Star BlueScope Steel Expansion 

2/14/2020 -   The planned expansion of North Star BlueScope Steel’s Ohio facility will feature a 195-ton EAF with pressurized water-cooled roof and panels, reports the equipment supplier on the project. 

To highlight its contract with the steelmaker, Danieli on Friday shared a few details about the project and said the new furnace will be outfitted with Danieli’s Q-Melt process control system and single-bucket charging, which promises greater energy and melting efficiency. 

In addition to the EAF, the meltshop will include two ladle metallurgical furnaces, a Pulse-Jet fume treatment plant, and enhanced safety and automation features.

The new meltshop plans to run its first heat by the end of 2021, Danieli said.

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