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North Star BlueScope Taps Danieli for Meltshop EOT Cranes

1/13/2020 - Danieli Centro Cranes will supply two charging cranes to North Star BlueScope Steel’s new meltshop at its Delta, Ohio, USA, plant.

According to Danieli, the electric overhead traveling cranes will have a lifting capacity of 310(430)/100/25 short tons.

They will be manufactured, assembled and tested at the Danieli workshop in Thailand. Both cranes will be equipped will a regenerative system that recovers the braking energy of all the movements.

The first crane is expected to be fully commissioned by July 2020, with the second crane starting up by the end October 2020.

Danieli was chosen to equip the meltshop and its providing the electric arc furnace, ladle furnace and fume treatment plant.