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Shougang Jingtang Runs First Coils on New Galvanizing Line

1/23/2020 - China’s Shougang Jingtang has started up a new 360,000-ton hot-dip galvanizing line that is designed to coat high-strength automotive steels, according to equipment manufacturer SMS group. 

In a statement, SMS group said the line is designed to run high-strength strips with tensile strengths of up to 1,350 MPa. Strips up to 1,580 mm wide and between 0.6 and 3.0 mm thick can be processed on the line, which features a maximum strip speed of 160 m/minute.

Its product range includes high-strength, low-alloy; dual-phase; and quenched and partitioned grades, as well as soft steel grades. SMS group said the first coil was produced on 13 November 2019. 

“Direct after the start-up, Shougang Jingtang was able to produce 1,000 tons of sellable galvanized material. A second campaign of 5,000 tons was produced in December 2019,” SMS group said.