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Danieli Receives Acceptance Certificate for New  Micro-Mill

3/6/2020 - Nucor Corp. has signed a provisional acceptance certificate for its new micro-mill in Missouri, reports the mill’s equipment manufacturer. 

In a statement, Danieli said it received the certificate in mid-February after a quick succession of milestones. 
The mill’s EAF safely struck its first arc on 31 January, and by the third day was producing in endless cast-roll mode. By Day 5, the mill reached its designed casting speed and produced a billet more than 1 km in length. 

By 18 February, the mill had produced more than 500 short tons of No. 4 rebar in endless mode, according to Danieli.   

Issuance of the acceptance certificate “once again confirms the full reliability of the MIDA-ECR process,” Danieli said.