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ArcelorMittal Brings Its Resources to Bear in Fight Against Pandemic

4/3/2020 - With certain basic medical gear supplies in short supply, the world’s largest steelmaker is using its global reach to help medical professionals continue to do their jobs.  

“Like many in the private sector, we are attempting to harness our skills and resources in a useful and collaborative way to help address the challenges presented by COVID-19. Specifically, we have focused our actions on collaborating to address the severe lack of the required safety and medical equipment, including face masks and ventilators,” the company said.  

“We have been utilizing our global network to help facilitate the transfer of equipment to and from regions most impacted. For example, in February we actively helped source masks for China. Now that China appears to have passed its peak, we are working with our associates there to help bring medical equipment to the countries now facing an escalation and particularly those, such as India and Liberia, that will struggle to source adequate supplies.”

You can read more about some of the company’s efforts here.