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Here’s Where Steel Industry Digitalization Can Have the Biggest Impact

5/21/2020 - New digital tools have the potential to greatly change steel production, but they perhaps have the most potential in two key areas, energy consumption and carbon reduction, according to Katja Windt, chief digital officer for SMS group. 

“This will be the game changer,” Windt said Wednesday, speaking during AIST’s ongoing Digital Transformation of the Steel Industry webinar series. 

AIST launched the new series Tuesday with Stephen Pratt, chief executive of artificial intelligence (AI) specialist SMS group and are partnering on developing industry-specific AI solutions. 

Windt said that overall, it will be critical for the steel industry to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies, given current circumstances. 

“We will be confronted with underutilization; we will have cash issues and supply chain problems with partners all over the world. All of this will require that we are looking for the (best) performance in the steel plants. We need to implement new algorithms to get the best performance, even in times of underutilization.”

You can view the full presentation here. 

The Digital Transformation of the Steel Industry webinars are free and will continue through the summer. You can register for upcoming sessions here.