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NLMK Hopes for 2022 Launch of New Metallic Coated Steel

4/7/2021 - NLMK Group and the Russian Academy of Sciences have begun testing a new zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating for cold-rolled products, the steelmaker has said. 

According to NLMK, the coating, developed by its research and development team in Russia and Belgium, is three times as resistant to corrosion than standard zinc coatings. It’s also more ductile, preventing cracking during the coating process, NLMK said. 

The company said its researchers, working with the science academy’s Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, will test the coating’s performance against sulfur dioxide in the air, aggressive sea salt aerosols, and high air humidity at low temperatures.

NLMK said it hopes to launch a line of zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated steel next year.