Steel News

Nippon Steel Develops Antiviral Steel

8/9/2021 - Nippon Steel Corp. has announced the development of a process to make visible-light-responsive photocatalytic steel that provides an antiviral effect by utilizing titanium oxide.

Titanium oxide has strong oxidizing properties that produce antiviral, antibacterial, deodorant and anti-allergenic effects, and is activated by light energy.

Nippon Steel has added a photocatalytic function to its surface-treated steel sheet that provides antiviral effects and other new properties to the steel sheet in addition to its aesthetic appearance, corrosion resistance and fingerprint resistance.

The photocatalytic steel sheet can be used in applications that are touched by the general public or be in places where virus-laden droplets and aerosol particles may spread and constitute a health risk, including offices, hospitals, schools, care facilities, public restrooms and elevators.

Nippon plans to commercialize a segment of photocatalytic steel sheets within this fiscal year. A verification test is being conducted on the effect of the new photocatalytic steel sheet on inactivation of coronavirus.