Steel News

Tata Steel Commissions New Steel Recycling Plant

8/20/2021 - The Indian steel producer has commissioned a new 0.5-million-metric-tons-per-year steel recycling plant at Rohtak, Haryana.

The first facility of its kind in India, the project was executed in collaboration with Aarti Green Tech as a “Build, Own, Operate” partner.
The scrap would be procured through an app called FerroHaat from market segments such as end-of-life vehicles, households, construction and demolition, industrial, etc. The high-quality processed scrap would be sent downstream to steelmaking.
Simultaneously, Tata Steel has also launched two new brands of high-quality processed scrap, Tata FerroBaled and Tata FerroShred, for the baled and shredded ferrous scrap produced in its new facility.