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Gerdau Celebrates 120 Years in Steelmaking 

1/15/2021 - Gerdau, a global steelmaker whose roots trace back to a single nail factory in Brazil, is celebrating the 120th anniversary of its founding on Saturday. 

“Reaching 120 years is a very significant milestone for a Brazilian company. A history scripted by many generations of employees and partners that made the Gerdau we have today possible. Hence, we want to take this opportunity to honor our trajectory and plan the next 120 years. We want to be a company that differs from the traditional steel production model in order to focus increasingly on our customers,” said Gerdau chief executive Gustavo Werneck. 

Gerdau’s history dates to 1901, when João Gerdau acquired a small nail factory in the city of  Porto Alegre. 

“The German immigrant stamped his pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, which became the flame that continues to burn today, 120 years after the company’s foundation. Over the last decade, Gerdau continues to make history through cultural and digital transformation driven by its commitment to shaping an increasingly more sustainable future,” the company said.