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Salzgitter to Begin Shipping EAF-Made Steel to Auto Customer

7/23/2021 - Salzgitter will begin delivering EAF-produced strip steels to four Mercedes-Benz AG plants in Germany at the end of this year, the steelmaker has announced. 

In a statement, Salzigtter said the steel, produced at its Peine mini-mill and galvanized at its Salzgitter steel works, has a carbon footprint that 66% smaller than steel produced through other routes. 

Salzgitter said Mercedes-Benz is its first automotive customer to receive its CO2-reduced cold-rolled strip and galvanized sheet.

The products will be used in structural and body applications. 

“Expanding our product portfolio to include green strip steel from the new low-CO2 production route is a key component of our decarbonization strategy that we are already in the process of implementing today,” said Salzgitter AG chief executive Gunnar Groebler.