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Refractories Manufacturer Sees Successful Trial of Phenol-Free Brick

7/9/2021 - South Korean refractories maker Wonjin Worldwide has developed a phenol-free refractory brick, which already has undergone successful trials at a Korean electric arc furnace (EAF) mill. 

According to the manufacturer, the brick solves a problem associated with the phenol resin-bonded bricks commonly used as ladle liners: it doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds when heated and therefore is odor-free. 

“The most common ladle refractory lining is phenol resin-bonded brick with magnesia, carbon and alumina components. Despite that resin-bonded bricks are dried to around 250℃ to remove volatiles, remaining phenol substances still emit a small amount of various chemical substances during pre-heating, creating significant odors,” the company said in a statement.  

“This new phenol-free technology has a significant advantage over the existing technology as it doesn’t emit any gases significantly other than carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t require any further treatment, whereas the existing improved resin-bonded brick technology requires further heat treatment at higher temperature, an inadequate solution due to the higher cost as well as remaining resin components deep inside of the bricks.” 

Wonjin Worldwide said it worked with South Korea’s largest EAF facility over the last three years to develop the brick, which is intended as a solution to worker complaints about odors, especially from overhead crane operators. 

“We hope this (product) will spread fast to other steel plants and the whole industry, and we expect to become a new industry standard very soon,” the company said.