Steel News

New Effort Aims to Develop Syngas, Electrolysis Technologies  

6/8/2021 - Two plant engineering groups have agreed to work together on promoting the combined use of syngas and electrolysis in the iron and steel industry. 

The cooperative effort brings together SMS group’s Paul Wurth unit and NextChem, a subsidiary of downstream oil and gas industry plant engineer Maire Tecnimont.

“Today, together with a long-standing partner, we have taken another fundamental step toward carbon-neutral ironmaking. It is only by joining know-how that we can achieve a faster energy transition and the decarbonization of the steel industry,” said Paul Wurth chief technology officer Thomas Hansmann. 

Together, the two will develop an advanced technological solution for converting natural gas into syngas, a mix of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which would be used in iron ore reduction. They also will look to integrate syngas production into electrolysis-based ironmaking.  

“Integrating electrolysis in the revamping of steel furnaces is one of the most interesting challenges nowadays. We are really proud of this agreement, which strengthens the existing alliance between Maire Tecnimont and Paul Wurth to develop low-carbon-impact solutions in a hard-to-abate sector like the steel industry,” said Pierroberto Folgiero, chief executive of Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem.