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Tenaris Bar Mill Completes Upgrades, Re-Enters Service 

6/11/2021 - Tenaris has restarted its Koppel, Pa., USA, meltshop after making US$15 million in upgrades to the facility.

According to Tenaris, the equipment is being put through its paces and will ramp up over the summer months. 

“The vertical integration of Tenaris in the U.S., a long-term vision for the company, is being realized. We are producing steel at our facility, a central component of our domestic industrial system, and at a critical time when supply chains are under severe constraints and costs are surging to unprecedented levels,” said Tenaris US president Luca Zanotti. 

Tenaris added the facility to its roster when it acquired TMK IPSCO in 2020. The upgrades, which included new caster molds, installation of new cranes, and the integration of a new production management system.