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thyssenkrupp Explores Greater Scrap Use in Blast Furnaces

5/19/2021 - thyssenkrupp Steel and a German scrap recycler will together test a new process that could allow greater quantities of scrap to be used in blast furnace production, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

In a statement, thyssenkrupp said the process, created by TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG, allows for targeted separation of consumer scrap, creating a raw material input with clearly defined properties and high iron content. By using high iron-containing inputs, the hope is to reduce the amount of reducing agents needed in the blast furnace.

“By testing the new recycling product, TSR and thyssenkrupp Steel intend to gain knowledge about its use in the blast furnace – and how it can increase the recycling quota in steel production. Based on these findings, the product is to be further developed and optimized in order to obtain as ideal as possible properties for the use in the blast furnaces of thyssenkrupp Steel,” the companies said. 

TSR chief operating officer Bernd Fleschenberg said that although the use of scrap in steel production is nothing new, the process will take its use to a new level. 

“Our goal is to produce a high-quality and certified product made from common raw materials. This new product will allow us to sustainably cover a considerable percentage of raw material requirements of the European industry. We are thus making an important contribution to climate protection and resource conservation, as well as to achieving the targets under the European Green Deal,” he said.